• 80%

    of children said they are looked after very well for their cancer or tumour by healthcare staff.

  • 92%

    of parents or carers rated the overall experience of their child's care as 8 or more out of 10.

How the diagnosis was given

  • 79%

    of parents or carers were definitely told about their child's cancer or tumour in a sensitive way.

  • 70%

    of parents or carers and children said that information about the cancer or tumour diagnosis was definitely given in a way they could understand. 

  • 91%

    of children said that hospital staff gave them details of who to contact if they wanted more information after they were told about their cancer or tumour.

Communication with Staff

  • 79%

    of children said staff always talk to them, not just to their parent or carer.

  • 70%

    of children said that they always understand what staff are saying. This was higher for 12-15's (76%) than 8-11's (63%).

  • 84%

    of children said that staff always speak to them in a way that is suitable for them.

Information about treatment

  • 79%

    of parents or carers were definitely given clear written information about their child's treatment.

  • 73%

    of parents or carers were definitely able to find information they need about their child's treatment at the hospital.

  • 75%

    of parents or carers said that staff definitely offered support to help manage their child's treatment side effects.

Bedside manner and trust in staff

  • 89%

    of parents or carers feel that they and their children are always treated with respect and dignity by staff.

  • 85%

    of parents or carers always have confidence and trust in staff caring for their child.

  • 75%

    of parents or carers feel that staff are always sensitive to information shared with them when their child is in the room.

  • 89%

    of children felt that staff are always friendly.

Continuity of care and how well different staff work together

Continuity of care
  • 64%

    of parents or carers and children are never told different things by different members of staff.

  • 61%

    of children said they always or mostly see the same members of staff for their treatment and care.

  • 70%

    of parents or carers feel that different members of hospital staff always work well together.

Involvement of children and their parents or carers in treatment and care

  • 96%

    of parents or carers and children felt involved in the child’s care and treatment.

  • 69%

    of parents or carers and children always know what is happening with the child's care.

  • 76%

    of parents or carers felt that staff definitely offered them enough time to make decisions about their child's treatment.

Access to care and support

  • 76%

    of parents or carers have enough information about financial help or benefits.

  • 92%

    of parents or carers have a named member of staff at the hospital who can be contacted about their child's care and treatment.

  • 66%

    of parents or carers definitely have access to reliable help and support 7 days a week from the hospital.

  • 83%

    of parents or carers and children felt that the child was always able to get help from hospital ward staff when they needed it.

Impact on day-to-day life

  • 45%

    of parents or carers felt that their child's care and treatment is definitely offered at a time suitable for their family.

  • 75%

    of parents or carers said that the hospital where their child receives most care is under one hour's travel from their child's home.

  • 56%

    of parents or carers reported that their children missed school due to timings of treatment and care.

Hospital ward facilities

  • 35%

    of parents or carers thought that facilities for parents or carers staying overnight were very good.

  • 44%

    of parents or carers and children said that there were definitely enough things for the child to do in the hospital. This was lower for 12-15 year olds (41%) than 0-7's (45%) or 8-11's (45%).

  • 37%

    of parents or carers thought that the hospital Wi-Fi always met the needs of them and their children.

  • 28%

    of parents or carers and children thought that it was always quiet enough for them to sleep in the hospital.